Clarke Parish

Clarke Parish Logo

The rich history of Clarke Parish in Berryville, Virginia was a treasure trove of information for Small Bytes. We asked the church secretary to find old photos of the parish’s three church buildings and a written history so that we could feature it on the website with a new Parish History page. We also asked that new photos be taken to show the vibrant congregations of the two active churches. Small Bytes continues to manage the site and create new features and functionality as needed.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Clarke Parish has moved virtual with our assistance. Recorded services are now available through the website as well as online donations. Many of Small Bytes clients needed new online features during the pandemic which we provided gratis for our non-profits.

This parish consists of three physical church buildings, two vestries and one rector. Our challenge is to show a unified web presence while allowing each church their own space to be unique.

Small Bytes continues to manage the parish’s new google calendar which displays directly on their website; adds their newsletter to the site; and, updates the site with new content. Small Bytes also performs basic maintenance on the site monthly and assists with new functionality as needed.