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This small think-tank nonprofit is the only Small Bytes website that uses a WordPress news theme. It was important that the information be displayed in a format that was more easily digested quickly when scanned.

Special features of this site include:

  • a Home page that displays like a table of contents;
  • unique sections for special big-picture topics such as Gen-Z and Black Americans; and,
  • a newly designed, more modern logo.

The New Home Page

The newsy WordPress theme that we chose for this website has a number of built-in features that are important to this small think-tank:

  • The ticker tape under the main header shows the most recent articles in a scroll. 
  • The large blocks under the “Trending Now” ticker show the newest articles featured image as a way to catch the viewer’s eye.
  • The next two sections on the Home page break the articles down by category for the viewer.

Sample Blog Page

Each news category needed a blog style page to aggregate all of the articles in that category. We created a static sidebar to give the viewer context for the page while the articles stacked with the newest at the top. Displaying the featured image of each post gave the viewer a general idea of the contents without having to read each title.

Example Blog Page