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Small businesses are always fun! This local educational consulting firm hired us to redo their website and we continue to manage the health of the website with system updates while the client maintains the content of the site.

Some key features of their website that were the most fun to create were:

  1.  A custom Announcements section that displays across the top of each page in a colored bar.
  2. A full page of acceptances with hyperlinks to the colleges & universities by state and a hyperlinked index of states at the top of the page.
  3. A Twitter feed and scrolling testimonials in the footer section of the site.

Below are a few Before & After pages from the firm’s website. 

Vast amounts of text are difficult for a website visitor to absorb. Clearly defined steps break up the text visually and allow the user to easily digest it.

College Consulting KYO old site
Before - College Consulting
College Consulting KYO new site
After - College Consulting

By simply changing the shape of the photos and changing their orientation, we made the page more appealing and easier to digest.

Our Team KYO old site
Before - Our Team
Our Team KYO new site
After - Our Team