Northern Virginia Chapter of the Virginia Dressage Association

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Membership organizations are always interesting! While they are very similar in that they all need to track information for their members in a database. They can be very different in the way they want to manage their membership and the way they have set up their organizational structure. VADA/Nova proved no different.

We were asked to evaluate the organizations needs and current processes and make recommendations for a system going forward. We ended up recommending and they chose to implement a new Club Express software platform which brought all of the organizations functions under one roof. Members can now login and have access to a range of new functions. The organization’s board members now perform all of their administrative duties through the website: Membership, Volunteer, Event, and Website Management, Treasurer Functions, and Communications.

In addition to streamlining management, board members can easily support each other across functions and the organization’s operations are fully transparent. Attracting and training new volunteers is easier and volunteer retention should improve with the new tools.

Below are the Before & After Home pages from the VADA/Nova website.

Before – Home Page

VADA/Nova New Home Page

After – Home Page