Database Design & Development

A database is only as good as the information that can be obtained from it!

Why do you need a database versus a spreadsheet or document to hold your information? A database gives you the ability to answer important business questions quickly and easily.  A database management system or “DBMS” is the software that enables you to get your answers from the database. A spreadsheet or document is a “flat file” which can only give you one view of the data it contains.

Not every business needs a database. We can help you decide what you need. You walk us through your business processes and show us everything you do (even by hand) and we put together a proposal for you that includes software that makes sense for your business.

We recognize that the bottom line for every business is the financial tradeoff of time versus money. We therefore only recommend spending money when we know that it will save you time and make money for you in the long run.