Website Development

Your website is your business card today! First impressions count and in deciding whether or not to contact you, everyone will go to your website.

We start with helping you define your brand. The heart of your brand is your logo. Other key aspects of your brand (buyer personas, tagline, mission and colors) will help shape your website.

Next we develop a Home page for your website. We want that to be clean and fresh so that visitors will quickly find what they are looking for, stay longer and return often. The average person only spends 10-20 seconds on any one web page! What you want to do is make them want to stay on your site and return to it often.

We also develop a strategy with you for your site’s navigation. This will depend on your audience. You may need a section of your website that will be password protected. Most companies need both a public part of their site and a private part.

Finally, we discuss a strategy for support. Most small businesses and non-profits want to maintain their own site. We help you do just that. We teach you how to maintain your site yourself unless, of course, you want us to maintain it for you. You’re in control but we’re here to help any time you need us.

Websites come in many different shapes and sizes. Let us help you design and develop the right one for you.